Tom Deveans


“Melissa has been my massage therapist for the past eight months. I compete regularly in endurance events, marathons, triathlons, 100km/100 mile bike races, etc..., so I've had my share of massage therapists, but none even remotely as good as Melissa. Her knowledge of the human anatomy, competence, and professionalism far exceed that of any massage therapist that I've worked with, and I would go so far as saying that it would be difficult to find a better therapist anywhere. I can honestly say that my body would be much worse off without Melissa's help and guidance, not to mention her strong fingers. On a personal level, Melissa is a solid individual, dependable, and courteous. Bottom line: Melissa is a great massage therapist, an even better person.”



“She is very energetic and dedicated to what she does


Lymphoma Patient

“My nausea was always better after massage. It really made my side effects feel less difficult to manage.”


Oncology Client

"During my breast cancer treatment, I tried to visit Melissa at least twice a month. I found that once I began getting massages my anxiety went down considerably. It was the one appointment in the middle of many appointments that I looked forward to. My body and mind felt much better after each massage. I also believe that my body recovered much quicker because of Melissa’s talented hands."