“It was safe place where I wasn’t poked and prodded. Melissa’s touch felt relaxing and healing.”

--Susan, 52, Breast cancer patient

Oncology Massage

Cancer or oncology massage is a proven method for reducing the pain, anxiety and stress surrounding living with cancer. If you are a cancer patient, or know of a cancer patient who is struggling with anxiety, stress or crippling side effects, you should consider the healing benefits of massage.  Oncology massage is a proven method to help cancer patients with the symptoms that often accompany cancer treatments. Melissa Steger is specially trained in cancer massage. She works with her patients to develop massage treatment routines that promote health and wellness, encourage relaxation and tension release and build positive daily routines around the anxiety of living with cancer.

Benefits of Massage

The proven benefits of massage include:

• Lessening of pain

• Reduced nausea

• Reduced anxiety and stress

• Reduced fatigue. Massage promotes sleep, improving the function of the immune system.

See What People Are Saying

“My nausea was always better after massage. It really made my side effects feel less difficult to manage.”

--Peter, 47, Lymphoma patient

See What People Are Saying

“My anxiety around treatment was overwhelming. I felt better during massage, but the best part was the techniques Melissa taught me for relaxation.”

--Dana, 54, Cancer survivor

Common Myths & Truths: What you need to know.

Massage has many benefits, including increased blood and lymph flow. Some patients are concerned that massage will ‘spread’ the cancer by increasing blood and lymph flow to the tumor(s).


• Tumors do not respond to exterior massage. In the case of patients with skin cancer, that part of the body is not touched during massage.

• Massage does not increase blood and lymph flow any more than walking, carrying groceries, hot showers, sex, etc. If these activities were dangerous to cancer patients, then massage would be as well.

• Physicians typically encourage their cancer patients to exercise. Massage is equal to a good workout. In fact, the level of exercise recommended by your treating physician is translated by Melissa into the type of massage you should receive.

Get a massage and just breathe and relax.....

Living with cancer is difficult for patients as everyday activities become overwhelming. Often the daily regimen of treatments and medications cause weakness, fatigue and nausea. Cancer patients are told to relax and focus on their health and well-being without active directions on how to accomplish these goals.