Have you tried cupping?

The medicinal use of cupping has been around for centuries. Beginning with utilizing hollowed out animal horns to draw out poisonous snake bites thru today where professionally trained Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists utilize glass and plastic cups for multiple therapeutic applications. Those mainly being:

Lymph Drainage

Loosen Adhesions

Stimulate Blood Flow

Scar Reduction

Loosening Tight Muscles

Pain Reduction

Does It Hurt?

No.  Massage cupping stretches and lifts soft tissue to break up scarring, facilitate lymphatic drainage and to relieve inflammation and pain.  Some techniques can aid in anti aging and cellulite reduction.  Plastic cups are applied to specific areas on the body and either left for a few minutes or are moved around mimicking massage techniques.  The cups aid in a quicker healing response from the body on various levels.  Occasionally marks are left on the skin; ranging from a pink ring to a bright red circle for a few minutes to a couple of days.  The marks left on certain athletes are not the norm.  It is not a painful procedure.  In fact, it can be used in place of trigger point therapy for a more gentler approach.  Cupping, specifically magnetic cupping is an excellent supplement for those in joint pain or with sports injuries.