About Us

Melissa Steger, LMT, is an experienced massage therapist with an excellent understanding of the human anatomy.  Being an athlete herself she understands the mechanical workings of the body and how detrimental it can be to lose function in any muscle for any reason. 

Melissa Steger has been practicing massage since 2003, and has owned her own practice since April 2005. Melissa’s goal is to educate her clients about anatomy and physiology and work with them on creating better body movement habits. Including education on stretching, posture, and ergonomic consulting.  Melissa graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2002 and began coursework at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. She practiced her technique at a chiropractor's office while pursuing her studies. Melissa graduated in 2003 and moved to the area to begin her career as a massage therapist.

View Melissa's blog at http://phalangeforum.blogspot.com/ to learn more about massage.

After having her second child, Melissa sold her DC practice and is currently working in Columbia MD at Face Place Wellness Center.

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